Apprenticeship training

Lähihoitajaopiskelija ottaa verikoetta.

You can enrol in apprenticeship training. The application period for apprenticeship training is ongoing, meaning that you can apply at any time.

Apprenticeship training means that you will study and work at the same time. About 80% of the training will take place in a workplace.  Apprenticeship training can be applied to any secondary vocational degree, parts of a degree, as well as advanced and additional courses. You will have a valid work contract for the entire duration your apprenticeship contract.

Your time in a real workplace will help you acquire professional skills; learning takes place in real work situations and inside a genuine work community. However, you will also carry out a part of your studies at the college either in the classroom or through remote learning. Studying and exams are always carried out in Finnish. Your working language will depend on the employer.

Requirements for apprenticeship training

Applicant needs

  • job
  • appropriate degree or part of a degree
  • ability to participate in teaching
  • motivation, commitment to job
  • at least 25 working hours per week


The salary must be in accordance with the collective agreement.

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