Savilahti Campus

3D-ilmakuva vuonna 2022 valmistuvan Savilahti-kampuksesta.


Savo Consortium for Education has made significant investment in its facilities. By 2023, operations in Kuopio has been centralised at a new Savilahti campus, offering modern and contemporary learning environments.

Safety, health, and sustainability are the key principles in our new campus buildings. We aspire to offer our students clean indoor air, abundant natural light, functional and modern facilities, and an overall enjoyable learning environment.


Ravintolan yleiskuvaus.


  • Designed 2018
  • Construction started 2019
  • Project principles: everyone can participate and tight cooperation between designers and users. 
Istuinportaikko ja isot ikkunat.


  • Budget 74 M€
  • Floor area 26 596 m2
  • Staff 450
  • Students on campus daily 2 200
  • Bicycle parkings on campus 700
Nordic Swan Eco Label

Nordic Swan Ecolabel

As evidence of our commitment, we constructed our new campus buildings following the criteria of the Nordic Swan Ecolabel. While the Nordic Swan Ecolabel is awarded to buildings, for us, it represents not only sustainable walls but also a promise for the future.

The criteria of the Nordic Swan Ecolabel take into account the entire life cycle of the building. During the construction phase, requirements include traceability and low emissions of materials, options for recycling construction waste, and precise quality control and reporting. Each product and material used must be approved by experts.