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Valkealla taustalla viisi ammattilaista: putkiasentaja, floristi, maalari, leipuri ja rakennusmies.


Savo Vocational College offers both vocational upper secondary qualifications and further vocational qualifications. You can also do shorter training programmes, as well as courses to obtain certificates and passes that you might need in different jobs. For more information about vocational degrees, please visit Vocational education - eRequirements ( consider the immigration regulations that affect the types of studies you can pursue in Finland.

All of our studies are in Finnish, except for the plater-welder education (vocational qualification in mechanical engineering and production technology), which is conducted in English.


Tarjoilijaopiskelija tarjoilee vettä asiakkaille.

Vocational Degrees

  • include all the necessary components of the degree.
  • provide you with all the necessary information and skills for your profession as well as contacts in the sector.
  • normally last 2-4 years.
  • After completing a vocational upper secondary degree, you can engage in further studies or apply to study in a highehigher educationitution.

What is included in
Vocational qualification?



Compulsory vocational content
         Basic skills and information relative to the degree.

Optional Vocational Content
         Prepares students for a future profession and work assignments.


Content included in all undergraduate degrees 

        Languages, mathematics, physics and chemistry
        Social and work-oriented studies
        Work ability and wellbeing, sustainable development
        Information technology, art and creative expression
        Entrepreneurship, study and career planning


=Vocational upper seconday qualification 180 credits

Application criteria

Completion of basic education

Applicants must have completed basic education either in Finland or in their home country.

Finnish language skills 

At SAKKY, all teaching takes place in Finnish. If your mother tongue is not Finnish, you will need to prove that your level of Finnish is sufficient. The required level of Finnish varies between A2 and B2 depending on the course.  If you do not have a language certificate, we will call you in for a language test at the Savo Vocational College during the application process. Testing cannot be done remotely, and we do not arrange testing anywhere other than in Kuopio, Finland.

SAKKY does not provide Finnish language education to applicants; instead, they must acquire proficiency through other means.

Visas and residence permits

After you have been accepted as a student at SAKKY, you will need to You must find out what type of residence permit you need and apply for it. Please see the Finnish Immigration Service website for further information. 

Criteria for Plater-Welder education will be announced soon

Please be aware that the language requirements mentioned do not apply to the Plater-Welder education program, as it is conducted in English.


In Finland, monthly living expenses for students (including food, accommodation, travel, insurance, etc.) are around €700 – €900.

Vocational degrees are free of charge. However, students must cover the following costs themselves:

  • any material, books and other learning material needed for the course
  • travel expenses
  • any work clothes and shoes needed during the course
  • any potential proficiency tests required for different jobs
  • housing and other living costs

Application process

Application takes place electronically through Savo Vocational College's website. Application takes place in Finnish.

If needed, you can also receive personal guidance. You can find the contact information at the bottom of this page. We do not respond to questions related to visas and residence permits. Please see Finnish Immigration service website.



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