Erasmus Student Mobility

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Welcome to study with us!

We receive around 100 Erasmus exchange students from our partner colleges abroad annually. The average length of a mobility period varies between 2 to 12 weeks. You can attend a study module or carry out your work-based learning period at a local workplace. 

We do not charge tuition from the students of our partner schools. In order to participate in a school-based training program or work-based learning with us, your college must either

  • have an agreement with Savo Consortium for Education or
  • be a participant in one of our partner networks, such as EMEU, Sotenet, Eurocom Smart, Automobility or Xarxa.

Exchange or degree student?

The information provided on this page is aimed at short-time student mobility funded by EU programs. If you're interested in becoming one of our degree students, you can find more information about the application process here.


How to apply for Erasmus mobility

Step 1
Discuss your plans and wishes with your college’s international coordinator. Your international coordinator will contact us. 
We prefer that your mobility period takes place between August and May. We recommend that your English skills are at least on a basic level (A2).

Step 2
Prepare your Europass CV and motivation letter. In the motivation letter it is important to highlight your current skills and competences. Your international coordinator will send us these documents.

Step 3 
Describe your wishes regarding the mobility period. What kind of work interests you? When do you wish to start your mobility period? What do you want to learn during mobility? Your international coordinator will inform us on your wishes.

Step 4 
We will start making arrangements regarding your mobility. Your international coordinator will keep you informed during the process.

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Before mobility

Travel and liability insurance
To be eligible for a learning period with us, your college must provide you with liability insurance. We also recommend travel insurance in case of illnesses, accidents or missing luggage.

European health insurance card
Every international student is required to have the European health insurance card. You will find information about the card on the European Commission's website.

Fulfilling the criteria
Every field of study has its own criteria for incoming students. For example, if you are going to work with children during your work-based learning period, we require an extract of criminal background. The criteria varies between the fields of study. Our international coordinator will inform you about the specific requirements.

Your contact person at our school
You will be appointed a contact person before your mobility period starts. The contact person is a teacher from your field of study. Your contact person will help you with all the practicalities relating to your mobility period, such as accommodation. 

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During mobility

First day
If you come to Finland for work-based learning, your contact person will take you to the workplace and introduce you to the workplace instructor. The workplace instructor will guide you with the tasks, rules and responsibilities of the workplace.

If you have a training agreement or other documents that need to be signed, we advise you to take care of all the paperwork during your first days in Finland. Your contact person or workplace instructor will be happy to help you.

During a study module, you can purchase lunch from the school’s canteen or bring your own lunch with you. During a work-based learning period you must bring your own lunch. If there is a workplace canteen, you can purchase lunch there.

At the end of your mobility period, we will arrange a feedback session, where you can provide us with all the pros and cons of your mobility period. Your feedback is very important to us.

Nicotine free campuses
All our campuses are nicotine-free and we recommend avoiding fragrances.


If you arrive to Finland by plane, your flight will arrive at the Helsinki airport. From there you can take a continuation flight to Rissala airport, which is located in Siilinjärvi in North Savo.

You can also travel to North Savo by train or bus. To travel here by train, take a commuter train from Helsinki airport to Tikkurila railway station and board a train there.

If you wish to travel by bus, you can board the bus either at the Helsinki airport or in Helsinki city center. Remember to purchase your tickets at the station or online before boarding:


Whether you arrive to Kuopio, Iisalmi or Varkaus, your contact person will provide you with the information on how to get to your place of accommodation.


You will need accommodation during your stay in Finland. Your contact person will help you to find a place to stay. Our options for accommodation are listed below.


Kuopas  Kuopio student housing company
Visit website

Hostel Hermanni
Visit website

Visit website


Visit website

You will receive more information about these options from your contact person.


Visit website

You will receive more information about these options from your contact person.


Your contact person will help you to arrange accommodation in Varkaus.


  • In Finland we appreciate punctuality. It is important to be on time at class or at the workplace during your mobility period.
  • Please respect the rules of the school and/or the workplace.
  • Alcohol is strictly forbidden for people under 18 years old. Alcohol is completely forbidden at school and workplaces.
  • Important facts about Finland, the Finnish way of life, Finnish mentality, Finnish working life and education at the FinVET website.
  • Finnish people understand and speak English quite well. If you want to learn some basic Finnish phrases, you can visit the SpeakLanguages website.


  • Epiphany (6 January)
  • Winter break (week 10)
  • Easter holidays
  • May Day (1 May)
  • Ascension day
  • Summer holidays (June–July)
  • Autumn break (week 42)
  • Finland's Independence Day (6 December)
  • Christmas holiday

Further reading

Get to know your new surroundings with the help of these websites:

Contact information

Jaana Räsänen
International Coordinator
+358 44 785 3311


If you are interested in an exchange period at Varkaus Upper Secondary School, please contact

Anna-Kaisa Tolonen
Language teacher
+358 44 785 8109