Strategy 2027

Piirroskuva, jossa on erilaisia kampusrakennuksiamme ja mm. Puijon torni.

Savo Consortium for Education is an agent of sustainable future. Proudly professionals!

One day it was clear to everyone. The world is changing and we must be active participants along with the change. But how? Our Strategy 2027 shows us the way (pdf).


Piirroskuva, jossa on kaksi ihmistä ja toinen näyttää peukkua.

We inspire the student to move forward in career and life.

  • We guarantee the student individual and high-quality teaching and guidance as well as future skills - from us, proudly professionals graduate!
  • We take into account the student's overall life situation - "We don't lose anyone".
  • We support the student in transitioning to work and further studies. We encourage continuous learning.

Piirroskuva, jossa on kaksi ihmistä etualalla juttelemassa ja kolmas taaempana tietokoneen kanssa.

We take care of our experts. 

  • We create the framework for an encouraging organizational culture and the opportunity for self-realization and the courage to act. We promote flexible operational models and processes.
  • We ensure skills that meet future needs - we support and encourage professional development opportunities for our staff - we foster a culture of experimentation in work methods and technology.
  • We value our work and encourage each other through collaboration.

Piirroskuva, jossa on Suomen kartta ja Pohjois-Savon kohdalla nuoli ja ihminen.

We save the society.

  • We are the most active initiator of vocational education openings in Eastern Finland.
    • An active network participant and creator. We are tightening cooperation with the organizers of vocational education in Eastern Finland.
    • Through our activities, we create strong and attractive learning environments in cooperation with primary schools, high schools, universities of applied sciences, and universities.
  • We connect with business life in new ways and with enthusiasm.
  • We are actively solving the labor shortage, for example, through work-based immigration.
  • We make structural choices in our educational offerings flexibly and according to the needs of working life.

Everyday life is based on our values

Appreciation. We value each other's work, we are honest and care about each other. We promote community and inclusion as well as acceptance of diversity.

Courage. We encourage openness, creativity, and courage innovatively and to develop ways to work together.

Responsibility. We act responsibly and flexibly. We promote equality and take care of the quality of education, guidance and support services.


Knowledge management and digitalization run as an undercurrent through the entire operation of our organization.