Visitors and Erasmus+ staff mobility

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Annually, Savo Consortium for Education hosts a multitude of Finnish and international groups for project meetings, seminars, and expert missions. Collaboration is the cornerstone of our success. Whether you're considering a campus visit or a mobility period at our school, you're warmly invited to engage with us.

We facilitate study visits and campus tours for groups interested in familiarizing themselves with the Finnish education system and other significant subjects.

Additionally, we organize staff mobility opportunities for our partners: both teaching and non-teaching personnel can partake in Erasmus+ mobility periods at the Savo Consortium for Education.

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Visit Us

The Savo Consortium for Education organizes customized group visits during which we offer information about the Finnish education system and our areas of expertise, including digital pedagogy, sustainable development, and various training programs. Our new main campus was completed in the autumn of 2022, and its modern learning spaces, designed for effective teaching, have drawn a lot of international attention.

If your group is interested in visiting SAKKY, please ask us for more information about visiting opportunities. Visits are charged according to their content, duration, and group size.

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Erasmus+ Staff Mobility

If you are interested in Erasmus+ staff mobility in the field of vocational education and training, we can offer you a tailored program according to your interests.

The most typical Eramus+ mobility period is carried out as job shadowing. ​​​​​​We believe that staff mobility is a great way to strengthen the collaboration between us and our partner schools.

The personnel from our partner colleges can attend a mobility period at Savo Vocational College for free. The incoming staff members are responsible for their accommodation fees and other expenses. 

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North Savonia Region

North Savonia is the most beautiful part of Lake Finland and a thriving economic center. Read more about the region

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Contact information

Erasmus+ mobility

Jaana Räsänen
International coordinator
Tel. 044 785 3311 

Varkaus Upper Secondary School

Anna-Kaisa Tolonen
Full-time teacher in German and Spanish
Tel. 044 785 8109