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Etualalla mies ja nainen kävelevät kohti kameraa ja taka-alalla nainen.

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Student and staff mobility in VET

Jaana Räsänen
International coordinator
Tel. 044 785 3311 

Student and staff mobility in Varkaus Upper Secondary School

Anna-Kaisa Tolonen
Full-time teacher in German and Spanish
Tel. 044 785 8109 


International partnerships and projects  

Map of Europe, where Finland is highlighted and Northern Savonia is highlighted


Our campuses are located in Iisalmi, Siilinjärvi, Kuopio, and Varkaus in the Northern Savonia region.

We provide students with the latest technology, up-to-date tools, and modern simulators to support their learning. Our goal is for vocational learning to take place as closely as possible to real working conditions.

All our campuses are nicotine-free and we recommend avoiding fragrances.

Campuses in Kuopio

Rakennuksen lasiseinät ulkoapäin kuvattuna.

Main Campus Savilahti
Hehkukatu 1
70210 Kuopio

Kolmiseopen kampus ulkoa.

Kolmisopentie 7
70780 Kuopio

Campuses in Siilinjärvi

Rissalan kampuksen ulkokvua.

Siltasalmentie 450
70900 Toivala

Toivalan kampuksen ulkokuva.

Haapamäentie 1
70900 Toivala

Campus in Iisalmi

Campus in Varkaus

Iisalmen kampus ulkokuvassa.

Asevelikatu 4
74100 Iisalmi