Toivala Campus

Varkaus Campus


The visiting address of Varkaus campus is Osmajoentie 75, 78210 Varkaus. 

At Varkaus campus, new things are learned by both Vocational and General upper secondary school students. Vocational education train professionals in engineering and transport, culture, business, and well-being.

Student Welfare Services Kuopio


The services of psychologists, social workers, and health care nurses are independent of your home municipality, so it doesn't matter where you live.

However, the services are campus-specific: on this page, you will find the contact information for the psychologists, social workers, and health care providers in Kuopio. They provide services in multiple areas. Look for the contact information related to your own basic degree (pt).

Student Welfare Services | Iisalmi


Psychological, counseling, and health care services are independent of the home municipality, meaning it doesn't matter where you live. However, services are campus-specific: on this page, you will find the contact information for the psychologist, counselor, and health care provider in Iisalmi.


Well-being and Student Welfare Services


The task of student welfare is to take care of the health and well-being of students. A well and healthy student performs better in everyday school life as well.

Student welfare primarily focuses on preventive work: we aim to identify the student's need for assistance and support as early as possible. We support the student in accessing the services of student welfare.

Sakky Tutor


Do you remember what it was like to step through the doors of the vocational school on the first day? Perhaps you were a bit nervous? Do you recall those slightly older students who approached you and offered help? Those students who shared information about the school and guided you in the beginning.

They were likely mentor-students. You also have the opportunity to become a mentor-student and support new students at the beginning of their journey toward becoming future professionals. And, best of all, you get to make new friends!


Costs and financing of studies

Costs of Studies


Compulsory education

In spring 2021, the compulsory education for those completing Upper secondary vocational qualification extends until the age of 18. Students within the compulsory education system receive the following for free:

  • Tools necessary for studies.
  • Textbooks and other study materials.
  • Work clothes and shoes required for studies.
  • Daily school commutes exceeding 7 kilometers.


Student benefits


As a student, you have the opportunity to enjoy various benefits and discounts both during school days and when you're on the move. It's worth making the most out of your studies in every possible way!


Student cards


As a student, you are entitled to various discounts and benefits both during school hours and when you're on the move. Savon ammattiopisto has its own student card, and in addition, we use the national Slice student card – it's worth getting both!

Student organizations may also have their own cards.


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