Nuori kokkiopiskelija tekee ruokaa

Savo Consortium for Education promotes people’s well-being and improves the vitality of municipalities in the North Savo region through education. We offer education in the North Savo region and our goal is to make education accessible for all – regardless of one’s background or age.

We provide upper secondary education for anyone who is interested in educating and improving themselves. In addition to upper secondary education, we offer a wide range of services for both individuals and organisations alike.

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About us

We are one of Finland’s largest providers of upper secondary education. Savo Consortium for Education is composed of Savo Vocational College and Varkaus Upper Secondary School. The education we provide is conducted in Finnish.

Do you want to know more about us, our values and the way we operate? We are delighted to meet you.

Please note that the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic might affect to international visits and student mobility 2022 - 2023.

We follow the guidelines of the Finnish government ( and will update the info regarding mobility as the situation progresses. We hold the well-being of our students, staff and visitors in the highest regard. 

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For international students

Do you wish to visit Finland and study with us?

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For visitors

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 Our networks and partnerships

We value the international cooperation that shapes our high-quality vocational education and training. International networks and partnerships are a vital part of our operations.