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Savo Consortium for Education provides upper secondary education and a diverse array of educational services in the North Savo region, with the aim of granting everyone the opportunity to access education and self-improvement. We are committed to enhancing the well-being of individuals and the vitality of municipalities in the region through education.  

Savo Consortium of Education is composed of Savo Vocational College and Varkaus Upper Secondary School. 

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We are one of Finland’s largest providers of upper secondary education. Do you want to know more about us, our values and the way we operate? We are delighted to meet you!

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Savo Vocational College offers a wide range of study programmes both for young people and for adults. Explore to discover what suits you best.

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We engage actively in a multitude of projects and networks, both on a national and global scale. Are you our current or next partner?




Plater-welder training in English 

The application period for plater-welder training has ended. Please, follow our website and social media channels for future application announcements.