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21.10.2022 -
Maapallo peitettynä eri maiden lipuilla.

“Globe@Home - Strengthening Global Competencies Through Advanced Internationalization at Home Practices” is an Erasmus+ small scale project on internationalization @ home (I@H). Project partners will share I@H experiences, develop and test new ideas on how best to carry out online international exchanges.

The participating vocational schools are Sakky/Savo Consortium for Education (Finland), Zealand Business College (Denmark) and Horizon College (The Netherlands). Sakky is the coordinating college.


Project workers at Sakky are:

  • Pauliina Korhonen, Project manager
  • Antti Heikkinen, English teacher
  • Marja-Leena Timonen, English teacher
  • Jaana Räsänen, International Coordinator

The Erasmus+ project “Globe@Home” is well underway in the planning phase with vocational teachers from the three countries of Finland, Denmark and The Netherlands planning exciting online activities for their students.

The participants will learn about each other's cultures and different professional topics while practicing their English skills. They will also do joint activities in smaller groups of 3 from different countries. The project is not limited to one vocational educational area and will include both Danish social care students, Dutch hospitality students as well as Finnish business students.

The student activities will continue the whole of 2023. The final product, which will describe all the good experiences, will be published.

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