Job Shadowing Student Counselling Processes at Tietgen

Job Shadowing at Tietgen in Odense, May 8 - 12, 2017

Our main aims were to learn to know how Tietgenskolen works in cooperation with local companies and to monitor Tietgenskolen way of taking care of students’ study guidance and welfare.

We found several good practices to adjust to Savo Vocational College

1. Marketing vocational education and work placement

Students choose annually a Great Workplace Award winner among companies in Odense.

2. Marketing wall

There were 22 classrooms where one wall was painted by a company as their marketing wall. The companies took care of the painting job themselves and paid Tietgenskolen for the opportunity.

3. Tabloid

Tietgen partners received a high-quality tabloid about work placement routines. There were stories about

  • students’ experiences in some companies
  • employment
  • Tietgen contact information

4. Information sheet

  • acceptance of the company as a partner
  • finding a student
  • composing an apprenticeship agreement
  • naming the company mentor
  • execution plan

5. Practical arrangements

6. Marketing vocational education by Odense community

The green box (Den Grønne Boks) offers an opportunity for students to touch, see, hear and fit different occupations. Main target with the green box was to make vocational education attractive. About 18 % of students choose vocational studies and there are jobs available for them.

7. Social media

Tietgenskolen has an administrator taking care of social media at school. There are five students updating Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat.

A picture is taken of every student with a company learning agreement, and there are plenty of pictures seen on school walls and on Facebook.

Some of jobs available are updated on Facebook. Easy access for students to find a work placement.

8. Education bridge

Mentoring and support for students having challenging life situations. Workshop studies and new social environment. An opportunity to improve interactive skills and work in group.

Students need to attend workshop studies daily or they will lose the student allowance and later the right to studies.

The main point is to find right field and level of studies and later a work placement.

9. Further studies

Before moving to upper secondary education the previous school makes it known if the student is ready for high school studies. Only in special cases an entrance test is held.

The students are committed to their studies and there are only 5 % dropouts.

10. Low treshold service on Wednesdays

Two student counsellors were available for students at canteen every Wednesday.

11. Student coach

There is a combined coach / social worker / party organizer in one person for low threshold service. His primary duty is to be close at hand for students.

12. Short courses

Tietgen Competence Centrum is situated in the outskirts of Odense. There are i.e. spreadsheet and different kinds of special vocational short courses available. Tietgen Competence Centrum can offer a dormitory to stay overnight during 2 – 3 day courses.

Plans for co-operation in the future:

  • Student exchange
  • Teachers in receiving organization find a work placement for exchange students both in Denmark and in Finland.
  • Sustainable development and Circular economy

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