Masks to be provided by the School in August

Nainen laittaa maskia kasvoilleen.

Savo Vocational College and Varkaus Upper Secondary School will provide face masks for their students until end of August 2021. Masks will be distributed in classrooms.

The academic term will start as contact teaching. We hope that we can also continue contact teaching. To do that we need help and action from everybody.


Use of face masks is strongly recommended

We strongly recommend use of face masks in all our campuses. We hope that students would always wear face masks in the school area. Use of a face mask at work is mandatory for the school staff.

Watch THL’s video ”How to use face mask correctly”. Dirty masks must be thrown into a waste bin after use.

Active use of a face mask is critical in preventing spread of the corona virus. We are all responsible for that.


We ensure safety

As a school, we want to ensure the safety of both our students and staff. We pay special attention to safety, for example, by arranging mealtimes in turns and having hand sanitizer always available. You can get more detailed instructions and further information from your teacher.

A reminder of general instructions for fighting the spread of corona virus:

  • Come to school only if you are healthy.
  • Wash your hands and use hand sanitizer regularly.
  • Cough into your sleeve.
  • Keep safe distance to others (1-2 m.).
  • We have arranged mealtimes in turns, and it is important to follow the mealtimes as written in your school timetable.
  • Avoid unnecessary crowding in the morning, between lessons and at the end of the school day in the afternoon.
  • Get the covid-19 vaccine.
  • We recommend that you download the Koronavilkku App to your phone, if you have not done it yet.


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